A Day in the Life of an ACMX Engineer

Story of an ACMX Engineer

A Day in the Life of an ACMX Engineer

Neon has been working with NetWireless for over 3 years, having passed his Aruba Certified Mobility eXpert (ACMX) exam earlier this year, an extremely challenging and vigorous test, making him 1 of 5 people in Australia to hold the qualification! We thought it would be timely to take a look at some troubleshooting that Neon has to undertake in his day to day role.

When asked about being an ACMX Engineer, Neon Said “The favourite part of my role is resolving issues and meeting client expectations, so they are happy with the results of the job.”

Although much of Neon’s work is project based, ad hoc client assigned tasks commonly arise. Working on up to three clients per week depending on the task is not uncommon. Here we take a look at two ad hoc requests:

Guest Network Displaying Errors

The request came into configure the Wireless LAN controllers and troubleshoot any subsequent issues arising with the client’s guest network following an Aruba ClearPass rollout. In this particular example, it turned out the Dynamic RADIUS PROXY in the IAP cluster wasn’t working properly. Neon found the virtual controller was not updating the IAP’s in a cluster and the RADIUS CoA was broken too. The cause was a bug which was found in the firmware of the clients IAP cluster which would not support Dynamic RADUIS PROXY.  By disabling the Proxy RADIUS (although not normally recommended as you want devices to communicate through the Virtual controller IP), Neon was able to create IP Subnet as NAD auth source (i.e. all the devices in the particular IP subnet can be used as NAD source device) and enabling RADIUS CoA fixed the issue. Guest access restored!

The Wi-Fi is Not Working

A common request for an ACMX Engineer is to troubleshoot “Why the Wi-Fi is not working.” In this recent example, devices were not connecting to the network. Access Points were not terminating to the local controller as expected and instead, a group of 50-60 Access Points, were all being directed to the master controller.

After analysis, Neon found the problem to be duplicate DHCP addresses. DHCP servers were set up on a switch that wasn’t probing correctly before the IP addresses. Fixing the DHCP server to ensure there were no duplicates resolved the issues immediately.

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