Top 4 Vital Considerations when Deploying WI-FI to Create a Smart Warehouse.

Top 4 Vital Considerations when Deploying WI-FI to Create a Smart Warehouse.

Cutting edge warehouses, use wireless networks to enable smart manufacturing and warehousing. Are you looking to increase your volume throughput whilst driving down costs? Installing an advanced wireless network will help achieve this business objective.

As experts in wireless network design and implementation within warehouses, netwireless understands the complexities of how radio frequency platforms, IoT and wireless networks perform in harsher environments. Integrated technologies that automate your business processes will result in significant benefits to your supply chain logistics including:

• A safer work environment
• Increase reliability and durability
• Reduce storage and resource costs
• Viability to scale
• Super efficient real time operations

Extending Wi-Fi connectivity into warehouse environments requires careful consideration. Here are our top 4 considerations to ensure successful deployment of a wireless network:

1. Wireless Coverage within Smart Warehouses

Adequate coverage is paramount in a warehouse environment. A strong signal strength may be hampered by products such as water or liquids that absorb signals, shiny surfaces that reflect signals and a large quantity of moving vehicles. When signals absorb and reflect they have a higher chance of cancelling each other out, creating dead spots. NetWireless prides itself on ensuring dead spots are a thing of the past. Ensuring smart warehouses are consistently productive with a strong signal strength throughout the warehouse.

By conducting a Wi-Fi site survey to establish the optimum location for Access Points, a strong signal strength can be guaranteed. Durable weather proof enclosures can be applied to protect Access Points from the cold, condensation and frost.

Within a freezer environment, the freezer wall can be penetrated to allow for the careful location of an antenna which will maintain a high quality signal strength throughout the entire facility. Typically a building surveyor will quality assure the works completed and give the freezer the go ahead for use.

A major benefit to having a wireless network is that IT administrators can have real time alerts that constantly monitor the health and performance of each Access Point. 


2. User experience within Smart Warehouses

If a user experiences a poor Wi-Fi service, productivity will reduce and costs will increase. Smart warehouse environments cannot afford to be resolving connectivity issues.

RF barcode scanners, voice directed devices and IoT devices used to track items from the annex right through to their destination location must work consistently whilst on the move. By connecting RF scanners to the wireless network, business-critical applications can be automatically updated in an efficient and seamless manner which can lead to an automated billing process for your end user. This efficient process reduces tideous tasks for employees which in turn directly promotes the use of the technology.

NetWireless services extend to their device repair centre which ensures scanners and devices are constantly connected.

3. Scalability & Adaptability in Smart Warehouses

The warehouse environment must be scalable. There are always peaks and troughs in logistics and distribution. Are you ready to handle rapid changes in demand or new surges in growth?

The great news is a good Wi-Fi design enables network infrastructure to scale easily without the need to change the entire wireless infrastructure which is vastly different from wired networks, providing a significantly more cost effective way to viably scale.

“With a good Wi-Fi design scalability is easily achievable.” – says Mark McCarter NetWireless. Managing Director

4. Health and Safety within Smart Warehouses

Above everything else, health and safety witin a warehouse environemnt is the number one concern. Warehouses, manufacturing and freezer environments are harsh places to work.

Wi-Fi enabled systems can help keep employees’ safe. For example, a GPS “man down” Wi-Fi system that combines Wi-Fi and GPS will notify office staff if a warehouse employee hasn’t moved within a designated time frame. An SOS safety pendant can be activated by the employee in the event of an accident. This technology is also invaluable for warehouse IT and engineering employees who regularly access the roof space to conduct maintenance on pipes and cabling.

Further to this, simply improving efficiency and productivity reduces the probability of human error.

Want to improve workflow efficiency, increase health and safety, reduce cost of ownership and seamlessly up or down scale?

Netwireless has extensive experience in the deployment of large scale industrial wireless networks. Make your warehouse smart and partner with Netwireless today.

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