Harness the power of IoT without the security risk

IoT Security Risk

Harness the power of IoT without the security risk

Do you want to harness the benefits of IoT but have concerns about security? You’re not alone. According to research firm Telsyte, “nearly 90% of Australian CIO’s see IoT becoming important or critical to their organisation within five years”, however half of Australian users surveyed are concerned about security breaches in an increasingly connected world. IoT is a business enabler, with the power to increase productivity and efficiency. This advancing technology allows companies to remain competitive and has changed the threat landscape, rendering traditional security measures inadequate.

Seamlessly integrating IoT into your business requires a comprehensive strategy, of which security is paramount. Here are three vital tips:


Choose the right Network Access Control System (NAC)

With the rise of IoT, it is critical that unknown or problematic devices can be identified and blocked. Network Access Control systems (NAC) keep compromised devices off corporate networks by ensuring IT administrators are able to track wired and wireless equipment including IP phones, printers, security cameras and desktops. Profiling is paramount, and should include the device type and operating system, the user, and the time and date needed to access the network. With IoT predicted to account for an estimated 46% of all devices by 2020, tracking your network is essential for data security and the smooth running of your business.


Ensure your data storage is sufficient for your needs

Managing security threats is about staying ahead of the game. It is critical to ensure you have enough data storage to perform regular back-ups of your entire system and should be a vital part of your security strategy. Viruses and ransomware are constantly evolving to uncover vulnerabilities and enter through the back door. Prevention alone is not adequate, smart businesses need to be ready to detect and intercept breaches in real time. If a breach is uncovered, the next step is to isolate the problem knowing your data and business critical applications are safe.


Invest in security expertise

Whether you’re looking to on-board IoT to promote energy savings, collect client data or simply engage visitors on their mobile devices, you can’t afford to cut corners when it comes to your security strategy. Don’t put your company or your customers at risk of exposure. Bring in the experts to ensure you stay ahead of any security breaches. Speak to NetWireless today to find out how they can help you.


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