How can commercial construction companies improve the efficiency, cost of ownership and functionality of Wi-Fi?

Smart Building and Construction - Wireless Networks

How can commercial construction companies improve the efficiency, cost of ownership and functionality of Wi-Fi?

In a constantly evolving market, construction companies and developers need to offer clients modern state of the art facilities. There is a growing need to develop smart buildings.

With the advancements of IoT (Internet of things), a fast and seamless WI-FI offering is required to enable occupants the ease of connecting and utilising their smart devices. The issue arises when occupants deploy unregulated individual Wi-Fi within high rise blocks. The overlapping of Wi-Fi signals increases interference dramatically reducing the Wi-Fi quality, even when NBN is available.

The Solution – Smart Building Infrastructure

It is imperative to add intelligence from the building design phase and deploy Wi-Fi prior to building completion. By incorporating the Wi-Fi infrastructure design in a similar fashion to the way in which utilities are deployed, a range of advantages will be mutually beneficial to all involved parties:

How will the occupants benefit?

* Reduced internet/broadband fee per occupant

* Improved security

* Increased efficiency and functionality of Wi-Fi.

* Increased speed of Wi-Fi

* Ability to employ IoT quickly and easily, for example in-room wireless charging devices

* Optimise cooling and ventilation, reducing overall energy costs

* Match occupancy patterns to energy use, I.e. enable more light automation through the presence of employees/tenants/people

* Mapping beacons to direct people to meeting rooms or apartments

How will the facilities manager benefit?

The advancement of IoT is creating a new breed of smart buildings that are perfectly aligned to the priorities of the property owners. IoT enables operational systems to be combined delivering accurate and pertinent useful information which improves overall efficiency.

Other key efficiencies include:

* Proactive maintenance of equipment

* Sensory and contextual data can be captured to gain insights into building use and provide improved services as a result

* Connect building systems

How will the construction company benefit?

* Gain a competitive advantage by offering a state of the art smart building.

* Improved environmental credentials

* Increased sales opportunities – make the service offering a key part of the sales package

* Establish a reputation as a leader in the industry

Important considerations:

* Select reputable enterprise grade equipment from Cisco, Aruba or Ruckus

* Complete a Wi-Fi site survey (on or off plan) to ensure the density of access points is sufficient

* Ensure channel and bandwidth selection is optimal for the environment

* Implement a well-designed management system with controller architecture and security mechanisms.

* Consider all options for powering the system, including PoE (Power over Ethernet).

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