AGED CARE: Older Australians Rock Their Wi-Fi

AGED CARE: Older Australians Rock Their Wi-Fi

AGED CARE: Older Australians Rock Their Wi-Fi

Today’s older generation are more educated, tech savvy, informed and discerning about their care needs which places pressure on governments and Aged Care providers to fulfil these growing demands which will continue to intensify over the coming decade. Internet usage amongst the over 60 population segment is high and they expect to retain this independence and convenience when they require care.

102-Year-Old Edith Benefits Greatly From WiFi

Pictured: Edith Egan playing bridge against the computer

Baptcare Karana resident Edith Egan who recently celebrated her 102nd birthday, has benefitted immensely from digital inclusion.

Edith was 70 years old when she first started to use her computer, which gave her a new lease of life and enabled her to stay in touch with family and friends. Up until the age of 101 years old Edith was very active, sending emails to friends based in Europe, using google to explore topics such as hair fashion and playing bridge against the computer.

Vivien, Edith’s daughter said “It has given my mother a new lease of life and has been a marvelous help, we are incredibly proud of her”.

Having access to technology has enabled Edith to remain connected to the family unit especially when family are overseas as she is able to see what the holiday destination looks like by completing a google search.

Being a retired primary school teacher Edith has also been able to chat to her great grandchildren on skype and help them with their homework.

Key Aspects to Think About When Considering A WiFi Solution in Aged Care

Installing enterprise grade equipment capable of managing all resident needs is critical. Deploying less than adequate equipment will only increase the risk of providing a poor service. It is key to remember that it is not simply about providing Wi-Fi, it is about providing fast secure and easy to use in-room Wi-Fi.

The availability of a fast and secure Wi-Fi solution within aged care facilities is a top priority and a key part of the decision making process for prospective residents and their families when considering care options.

“Access to Wi-Fi is one of the most commonly asked questions and a top priority by those enquiring about care at our facility” said Baptcare, Karana Office Manager, Beatrice Ko.

Resident isolation and loneliness is a key concern for family members when placing their loved ones in care. The presence of Wi-Fi combats this by increasing communication and connectivity as residents are able to stay in touch with family via email and video services.


WI-FI greatly assists in the promotion of:


Independence for residents is greatly improved by providing the ability to check emails, social media and stay up to date with news and trends.

Financial Management

Choice and control in managing personal finances through online banking and shopping is made available. There is also an increasing presence of new business owners located within aged care settings.

Reducing Isolation

By connecting online, residents can play games to stimulate their minds. For example, Feros Care hosted Australia’s first virtual bingo game for seniors from its head office in Coolangatta. The bingo game was hosted live, linking 23 residents from three Feros Care residential villages in northern NSW and three My Health Clinic At Home clients living in Coffs Harbour.

Increasing Inclusion

For those unable to attend church services, aged care facilities linked to the local church can stream live services to communal areas. This encourages participation via two-way communication with the church.


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