How Wi-Fi enables Digital Innovation in Horse Racing?

Horse Racing Wireless Networks

How Wi-Fi enables Digital Innovation in Horse Racing?

HSpring racing carnival fever has hit Melbourne and with 2 days to go until Melbourne’s biggest race event of the year, we (NetWireless) are keen to take a look at the underlying revolution in advanced technology that is transforming the experience both on and off the track.

Benefits to Horse Trainers and Owners

Wi-Fi has enabled improvements in: Buying thoroughbreds at auction, monitoring health and well being of horses, providing quicker access to the best training and performance applications, and trackside analysis.

Health and Well Being of Horses

Wi-Fi significantly supports technological developments that are aimed to improve the health and well being of the horse.

Wi-Fi enabled cameras for stables and trailers allow owners and trainers to monitor horses remotely. Footage sent directly to a mobile device can be accessed to ensure the horse is comfortable and not distressed while travelling or while unsupervised.

Music has been proven to calm a horse’s behaviour. Studies have shown that stables playing classical and country music had an enriching effect on the horse. Wi-Fi provides the unique ability to select a horse’s favourite music and streamline it to the stables.

Veterinarians on-site can easily access online record management systems and historical medical information directly from their mobile device ensuring the horse receives the best possible care in the quickest time available. Wi-Fi enabled medical devices can also improve the efficiency of care provided.

Training Performance

Fitness tracking and performance applications capable of recording metrics can be streamed to a computer for statistical analysis of a horses’ readiness for racing. Factors such as distance, pace, and split times, can be tracked and compared to historical performance data. Rapid access to accurate data enhances performance and mitigates injury risk.

• UK based, Total Performance Data (TPD) enables trainers to automatically collect and display data on each horses’ performance.
• Australian based E-trakka has specially designed equipment to monitor heart-rate, speed & stride length to fine tune training.
• The OptimEye S5 is a premium GPS sports tracker attached to an athlete that wirelessly sends data to a computing device enhancing performance and mitigating injury risk.

Sport Surface Technology

A great deal of work and preparation goes into the quality of the surface of a racing track. Sports surface technology Wi-Fi enabled tools can be analysed directly on site to apply the most advanced principles of soil, water and vegetation management. Moisture maps can be created to ensure the safety of both horses and jockeys are at the forefront.

Benefits to the Punter/Guest

A reliable and secure Wi-Fi connection offered at racing grounds enables faster and easier betting with advanced options to streamline up close live footage whilst simultaneously freeing up mobile networks for SMS and calling. These innovative benefits to the guest come together to enhance the entire customer experience.

  • SportsBet, CrownBet, William Hill, Ladbrokes and Tab have all developed top of the range betting apps for their customers to use easily on their own mobile devices which can track their spending/wins along with readily available hints & tips.
  • Racing Victoria and Flemington produced the ‘Flemington Official Raceday Guide’ mobile app which offers an array of services that has dramatically enhanced the guest experience. At the touch of a button guests can access:
    • directions to specific locations (bars and toilets)
    • updates on traffic and weather conditions,
    • latest odds,
    • menu ordering options
    • exclusive live video content.

Exclusively this year, a new feature “Flemington Feed” has been introduced which provides exclusive updates on what’s happening on-course in fashion, racing and more.

Benefits to the Facility Management

Besides the superior guest experience and the kudos that goes with having a first class venue facility, efficiencies within the HR, finance and marketing departments can be leveraged. Examples, can include but are not limited to; real time clock in/out for employees or the ability to track how guests use the venue space to decipher the optimum locations to display premium priced advertising, right through to payroll applications.

The Future

The Future digital racing experience could involve the use of virtual reality. Imagine offering the punter the view of being on the horse they just placed a bet on!

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