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Net Wireless specialise in complete solutions for multiple industries.

Industry solutions

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Warehousing & Distribution

Warehousing and distribution is one of the most challenging Wi-Fi environments and one that NetWireless has a lot of experience in. Its challenges include temperature extremes (eg freezer environments), many devices moving quickly between wireless access points (eg mobile computers on forklifts), products that absorb considerable Wi-Fi signal (eg liquids, large paper reels, etc), varying stock levels, etc.

NetWireless also partners with leading vendors of rugged handheld and vehicle-mounted mobile computers. We provide end-to-end solutions that comprise wireless access points (and controllers) and rugged mobile computers.


Industrial environments demand rugged equipment that withstands harsh conditions. NetWireless has experience in outdoor, weatherproof access points, enclosures and antennae.

We also partner with world leading vendors of rugged and weatherproof mobile computers (both vehicle mounted and handheld).

Solutions in industry are more tailored than in any other sector. NetWireless will research global vendors of industrial products, along with their local support capability, to provide the best solution for your needs.

public venue

public venue

Today, the general public expect to be able to connect through free or paid Wi-Fi, wherever they are.

By definition, public venues are often large areas needing many wireless access points. This can be challenging from an implementation perspective and needs an in-depth understanding of Wi-Fi behaviour.

NetWireless has significant experience in public venues including museums, shopping centres and stadiums.


The retail sector is arguably where Wi-Fi will be leveraged more than anywhere else over the next few years.

Wi-Fi can act as an added avenue for retailers to communicate with shoppers. Ultimately it can directly lead to increased time that customers spend in-store through tailored marketing and promotional offers.

Through Bluetooth technology, another wireless medium, extremely accurate location-based promotions can be pushed to customers’ phones or tablets.

NetWireless has substantial Wi-Fi experience with many of Australia’s largest and most respected retailers including Officeworks, Sussan fashion, Chemist Warehouse and Bed Bath n’ Table.

Hospitality &
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Hospitality & tourism

Hotels, cafes and restaurants are significantly improving the experience of their customers though Wi-Fi. The improved experience results in greater loyalty and increased revenue.

In hotels, staff can securely access reservation information and check-in guests from anywhere in the hotel. Guests can enjoy Wi-Fi from the convenience of their rooms.

In restaurants and cafes, orders are immediately communicated wirelessly to the kitchen, so meals and drinks arrive quicker. Similarly, payment can be achieved in a single transaction directly from the table.

NetWireless can work with you to provide a Wi-Fi platform that will put you ahead of your competition.

office & corporate

Wi-Fi now operates at such high speeds that many corporate offices are switching to 100% wireless.

Staff connecting their own devices to the corporate Wi-Fi, and increasing demands for quality voice and video over IP (internet protocol) are seeing rapid uptake of wireless in offices.

Staff and visitors using corporate Wi-Fi can pose security risks as well as substantial added IT administration.

In addition to supplying and deploying Wi-Fi hardware, NetWireless provides software that ensures secure access to the network with minimal IT intervention. This allows IT staff to be more strategic in their focus.



NetWireless has a wealth of experience in government Wi-Fi.

We have worked with government health bodies, courts, and a Premier’s office and a Government House.

We understand the unique protocols that dealing with Government brings.

We strive to find the optimal combination between strongest Wi-Fi technology and best value for money. Government always insists on this combination.

Although we have many years of proven experience with highly reputable organisations, we are often better value than the larger integration companies.

education & research

Education and research organisations have their own unique combination of Wi-Fi needs. They need high density Wi-Fi (eg in lecture theatres). They also need high mobility (eg between the many campus areas) and outdoor coverage.

Given the fast changing user-base of students, simplifying the onboarding process for IT staff is paramount in educational environments.

NetWireless has broad Wi-Fi experience in schools, universities and research institutes.

education and research