Brand Solutions
NetWireless specialises in wireless solutions.

Brand Solutions

In late 2014, Gartner ranked Aruba first in 4 (out of 5) technical Wi-Fi categories: enterprise WLAN, guest access, high density venue and remote office. A strength of the Aruba brand is the depth and breadth of Aruba’s own products (versus partner products). Aruba’s network monitoring tool (AirWave), network access tool (ClearPass) and Bluetooth beacon technology (with ‘blue dot’ directions) are all owned by Aruba and therefore integrate seamlessly. NetWireless is ACMA, ACMP and ClearPass professional certified.

Cisco is the world’s largest networking company with worldwide revenue of tens of billions of dollars. Cisco is ranked first by Gartner in unified wired and wireless technology. NetWireless is CCNA and CCNP certified and has experience in Cisco’s ISE (Identity Services Engine) network access tool and Cisco’s Prime network management tool. In addition to these tools, Cisco’s Meraki access points have Bluetooth beacon technology.

Aerohive provides a controller-less architecture with access applications via its HiveManager software. This software is available either as a cloud-managed service or on-premises. Aerohive is one of the more cost effective enterprise Wi-Fi solutions. It is relatively simple to deploy and its cloud-managed offering is easy to use. It has a strong installed base in retail and education. Dell began to resell the Aerohive WLAN solution in 2015. NetWireless is ACWA and ACWP certified in Aerohive. Our most notable Aerohive client is Puma sporting goods.

Ruckus is a global vendor that renewed its focus on the enterprise network in 2015. Ruckus was one of the first Wi-Fi vendors to ship 802.11ac Wave 2 access points. In 2015, Ruckus announced a partnership with Juniper to expand its ability to provide solutions comprising both wired and wireless communication. Ruckus has a controller-based solution that can also be deployed virtually, and which can be delivered either on-premises or as a cloud-managed service. NetWireless is Ruckus ‘Wise Guy’ certified. We have deployed extensive Ruckus point-to-point (outdoor) Wi-Fi links for various companies, including a large number for JB Hi-Fi.

Ekahau offer location-based solutions over Wi-Fi. These solutions are known as RTLS (real time location systems). Ekahau’s RTLS gives accurate location information through an active RFID-over-Wi-Fi™ system. This system uses probability algorithms to locate objects and people to within 2 to 5 metres using a standard 802.11 Wi-Fi network (without readers and without cabling). Typical applications include tracking expensive or urgent medical equipment in hospitals, expensive mobile assets in any environment (eg casinos), etc. NetWireless is fully trained in deploying Ekahau’s RTLS and in conducting site surveys with the necessary positioning of APs for triangulation purposes.