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NetWireless specialises in wireless solutions.

Our Solutions

industry solutions
Wi-Fi is now being used in practically every industry. Wi-Fi offers benefits that apply to all industries – increased productivity (by connecting anytime), and cost reductions in infrastructure (less switches, less cables and reduced energy consumption). Further to this, Wi-Fi offers a plethora of other industry-specific advantages.
brand solutions
Each Wi-Fi vendor has their own set of products that deliver technology solutions. NetWireless is vendor-independent and accredited with all these manufacturers. This means you can be confident that we will propose the best technical solution at the most competitive cost. The best solution will often be a mix of brands.
technology solutions
There is a wide range of technology solutions for Wi-Fi. These include allowing staff to safely connect to the corporate network with their own devices, providing free Wi-Fi to customers, monitoring the wireless network, providing turn-by-turn indoor directions (with blue dot), etc.